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Sport Tennis
CGA India   
Gender Men
Born 04 Mar 1980 in Bangalore, IND
Height1.93 m
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family Wife Supriya, daughter Tridha [2019]
Residence Bengaluru, IND
Occupation Business Owner, Coach
Languages English, Hindi
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He began playing tennis at age 11.
Why this sport? "Though I played cricket, hockey and football at school, individual sport fascinated me more, because I wanted to be in control of my game."
Name of coach Zeeshan Ali [national], IND; Scott Davidoff [personal], USA
Handedness Right
General Interest
Nicknames Bofors (Facebook page, 06 Jun 2016)
Hobbies Listening to music, watching movies. (Facebook page, 20 Dec 2018)
Hero / Idol Swedish tennis player Stefan Edberg. (, 27 Jun 2016)
Injuries In 2019 a shoulder injury forced him to withdraw from a Davis Cup tie against Pakistan in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. (, 05 Dec 2019)

He suffered a minor shoulder injury at Wimbledon in 2018 and had to withdraw from the tournament. (, 29 Jul 2018)

In 2009 he was sidelined by a knee injury for three months. (, 13 Jan 2010)
Sporting philosophy / motto "If you believe in your dream and follow it with true passion and discipline, you can conquer the world." (, 19 Nov 2012)
Awards and honours In 2018 he was named Sports Icon of the Year at the Indian Oil Sports Conclave. (, 10 Jun 2018)

In 2010 he received the Association of Tennis Professionals [ATP] Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award. (, 27 Jun 2016)

In 2005 he was presented with the Eklavya Award for outstanding sporting performance by the government of Karnataka in India. (, 10 May 2012)
Ambitions To win gold at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (, 15 Feb 2020)
Other information PARTNERSHIP
He intends to partner Divij Sharan in men's doubles at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, but the pair split in 2019 after six tournaments together because their respective Association of Tennis Professionals [ATP] rankings were not high enough to allow them to qualify for the Games as a partnership. They both formed new partnerships to separately play at ATP events and improve their rankings before reuniting for the Games. The pair won gold in men's doubles at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. "[I'm] really excited to be playing with him. I think we gel well as a team. Once we've qualified, maybe after the French Open, we can play a few tournaments together." (, 15 Feb 2020;, 08 Jan 2020;, 20 Sep 2019)

He says the disappointment of missing out on a medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro motivates him to aim for the podium at the 2020 Games in Tokyo in men's doubles. In 2016 he finished fourth in mixed doubles with partner Sania Mirza. "Rio 2016 was very close with Sania Mirza. It was heartbreaking indeed. Getting a medal for India is a very big thing not just for us as players, but for the entire nation. I don't want to bring that [defeat] back up. It has been a few years. I have a lot of experience now. And I think, if we prepare well [for Tokyo], we have a great shot. I've loved playing in Japan. I have won titles in Tokyo." (, 20 Sep 2019;, 15 Feb 2020)

He says he is grateful for the support of his wife Supriya, who is a psychologist. The couple married in 2012. "Tennis is mostly mental. The physical aspect of training is what is talked about most, but mental conditioning is also very important. You are on tour for 10 or 11 months in a year, and it is not easy to remain focused all the time. My wife is a psychologist, so indirectly I get counselled, which is a very good thing. I talk about what I felt during the match, but not how to hit a forehand or a serve." He also says the birth of his daughter Tridha in 2019 means he has no plans to retire soon. "I want my daughter to watch me play. I want to keep going for some time." (, 19 Jan 2020;, 19 Nov 2019)

In 2016 he founded the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy in Bengaluru, India. The academy offers coaching programs to young players. "Having learnt and played the game in India where the focus is mainly on developing tennis skills, abroad I saw there was an equal focus on both fitness and tennis skills. I realised there was a gap in our [India's] training and methodology, and that fitness is a key component in developing talent from a young age. I wanted to create a truly international coaching experience that developed players to their complete potential, while encouraging them to play the game and have fun while doing so." (, 01 Apr 2018;, 04 Mar 2016)

His family own a coffee plantation on their estate in the Kodagu region of India, and he says after he retires from tennis, he may take over the running of the plantation. In 2018 he launched his own coffee, Rohan Bopanna's Master Blend. "To be honest, the coffee came first, before my tennis. That's something that is part of the family. We grow coffee, hence my love for it. Me being the only son, I feel there is an opportunity for me to go back whenever I'm done [with tennis] to take care of the plantation." (, 13 Mar 2020;, 30 Jul 2018;, 30 Jan 2018)