CUMMINS Diane < Back  
Sport Athletics
CGA Canada   
Gender Women
Born 19 Jan 1974 in Durban, SAF
Height1.65 m
Weight 50 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Languages English
Higher education Human Movement Studies - Durban-Westville College: Durban, RSA
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She started running when she still lived in South Africa.
Why this sport? She tried many track and field events while she was at school, but with her father's encouragement she concentrated on the 800m. She became a recognised competitor at provincial level, but sporting sanctions on South Africa meant they didn't compete anywhere and she wasn't encouraged to continue her running career. After moving to Vancouver at the age of 10 she joined an athletics club to make new friends and began training for the long jump. A friend diplomatically suggested she would make a better runner, so she headed back to the track.
Name of coach Brent Fougner
International Debut
Year 1998
Competing for Canada
Tournament Commonwealth Games
Location Malaysia
General Interest
Hobbies Hiking, yachting, chess and swimming in the ocean. (Athletics Canada Media Guide, 01 Jan 2003)
Memorable sporting achievement Winning the silver medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England and seeing her father among the crowd after the race - she didn't expect him to be there. (Commonwealth Games Media Guide, 13 Mar 2006)

Winning the 1998 Canadian Championships after only competing in the 800m for half a season. (Athlete, 25 Jan 2002)
Most influential person in career Canadian athlete Jeff Schiebler for his determination and encouragement and coach Wayne Gmitroski for his knowledge and belief in her. (Athlete, 25 Jan 2002)
Injuries She suffered from iliotibial band syndrome in 1997. She eventually had surgery in 1999 to release the tension and ease the inflammation. (Athlete, 25 Jan 2002)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Always give your best and be true to yourself." (Athlete, 25 Jan 2002)
Awards and honours She was named Most Inspirational Athlete of the Year in 1997. (Athlete, 25 Jan 2002)
Other sports She was a provincial level field hockey player and said that she could have played internationally if it wasn't for apartheid and the sanctions against South Africa. In 1994 she also sailed in the J22 World Championships. (Athlete, 25 Jan 2002)
Her parents and brother moved from South Africa to Vancouver, Canada in 1994, but she stayed on in South Africa to finish her degree. They all sent her photographs of their new home, encouraging her to join them and she realised how much she missed them. Despite some apprehension, she decided to "give it a bash" and arrived in Canada in November 1994. She struggled at first with the cold weather, but joined a track and field club in order to make new friends and started running again. (Flynn Sports, 13 Sep 2001)