HARMSE Chris < Back  
Sport Athletics
CGA South Africa   
Gender Men
Born 31 May 1973 in Sasolburg, SAF
Height1.84 m
Weight 125 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Occupation Athlete;Student
General Interest
Hobbies Golf. (NOCSA, 30 Aug 2000)
Memorable sporting achievement Breaking the South African, Commonwealth and African record in 2000. (NOCSA, 30 Aug 2000)
Hero / Idol Michael Jones, All Blacks rugby player. (NOCSA, 30 Aug 2000)
Injuries He was hit in the left shoulder by a javelin at the national team's training camp in January 2007. He was taken to hospital but the javelin had not hit a muscle. Harmse had been measuring throws by javelin athletes at the time of the accident. (superathletics.co.za,12 Jan 2007)
Sporting philosophy / motto "The more you do it, the more you believe you can do it - rather that believe it and not do it." (NOCSA, 30 Aug 2000)
Ambitions To reach an Olympic final. (NOCSA, 30 Aug 2000)
Other information RELIGION
He never competes on a Sunday because of religious grounds. He withdrew from the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia on religious grounds, as the hammer final was scheduled for a Sunday. The hammer final was also scheduled for a Sunday at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. He was included in the South African squad as a matter of principle but it was left up to him whether to compete or not. Despite his ambition to win Commonwealth Games gold, he withdrew due to his religious beliefs. For the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens he told Athletics South Africa that he would compete but if he made the final he would withdraw from the competition as the final will be held on a Sunday. (dispatch.co.za, 08 May 2002, news24, 19 May 2004, news24.com, 20 Sep 2007)