BERNARD Martyn < Back  
Sport Athletics
CGA England   
Gender Men
Born 15 Dec 1984 in Wakefield, ENG
Height1.95 m
Weight 82 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence London, ENG
Higher education Law, Psychology - John Moores University / Middlesex University: England
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He started when he was eight years old, his parents took him to Thorn's Park Wakefield because he was hyperactive.
Why this sport? "High jump is an individual sport and you don't rely on anybody else. That's what I love about it."
Club / Team Wakefield Harriers: Wakefield, ENG
Name of coach Dan Pfaff
Coach from which country? England
Training Regime "Loads of bounding, loads of weight training and running and then technical training which is just the art of jumping."
Handedness Left
International Debut
Year 2001
Competing for Great Britain
Location Italy
General Interest
Nicknames MB. (Athlete, 31 Jul 2008)
Most influential person in career His mother. (Athlete, 31 Jul 2008)
Hero / Idol His mother. (Athlete, 31 Jul 2008)
Injuries He was almost forced to miss the 2010 European Championships in Barcelona due to an ankle injury, but recovered in time and went on to win bronze. (, 30 Jul 2010)

He missed the 2008 indoor season with back swelling. (, 31 Jul 2008)

He has had problems with his hamstring since 2004. He suffered from hamstring problem at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Japan, which affected his performance. (, 31 Jul 2008)

In 2004 he decided to miss the European Cup and the 2004 Olympic Games in order to rest a reoccurring ankle injury. (, 18 Apr 2008)
Sporting philosophy / motto He believes his degree in psychology helps him when it comes to competition. "Itís addictive, like a game of solitaire on the computer. There are so many pieces to put together. Itís a technical event, itís not just about being as fast as you can go, itís about managing your speed up to the bar and then trying to go over gracefully. Itís not even trying to jump as high as you possibly can, but realising that you need to get a good parabola over the bar." (, 10 Mar 2012)
Awards and honours He is the ambassador of Sporting Champions scheme which helps to promote physical activities within schools. (, 31 Jul 2008)
Ambitions Win a medal at London 2012. (, 25 Aug 2011)
He says the high jumping fraternity is more social than other disciplines. "High jumpers usually talk among each other. Some say nothing, but those out of the competition might give the others feedback on their technique. It's a small fraternity and we often socialise after meetings. You won't see sprinters talking to each other much during competition." (, 25 Oct 2006)

Following heavy rain at the 2010 European Championships in Barcelona as his event started, he did an impression of Gene Kelly with a black umbrella as 'Singing in the Rain' played over the stadium speakers. "They were playing it, I had an umbrella, what else was I supposed to do?" (, 30 Jul 2010)

In the final stage of the high jump at the 2006 Commonwealth Games his run up marker was accidentally moved before his first attempt. After aborting his run up judges decided to mark it as a failed attempt, after appealing to the judges he continued to debate with them until the time allowed for his second attempt expired. His third shot at 2.29m was also unsuccessful and his Canadian competitor, Mark Boswell, was awarded the gold medal because of a better clearance record at the previous mark of 2.26m. (, 23 Mar 2006)