MURTHY Deepika < Back  
Sport Hockey
CGA India   
Gender Women
Born 10 Aug 1980
Height1.59 m
Weight 59 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Mumbai, IND
Occupation Railway Worker
Languages Gujarati, English, Hindi
Higher education Commerce - LJ Commerce College: Ahmedabad, IND
Sport Specific Information
Preferred position / style / stance / technique Goalkeeper
International Debut
Year 2000
Competing for India
Opponent Germany
General Interest
She has helped her Indian teammates who are struggling financially, some girls coming from interior parts of the Bihar and Jharkhand states donít have enough money to buy necessary kits for the game. A state association official told newspapers what Murthy had been doing in secret, "A few days ago we found out that without any expenditure her bank balance was declining. When asked she said she has been helping her teammates, who come from poor background." (, 22 Jan 2010)

She was vocally involved in the aftermath of the incident in the national team involving the former sacked coach M.K. Kaushik and harassment accusations made by player T.H. Ranjitha. Murthy, one of the most experienced players in the team, spoke out against the former coach and supported her teammate saying "Coach is not a woman to understand the things that has happened to her. We have seen the plight Ranjitha has gone through. We don't want such things to happen in our camp. We made it clear then and there in the camp that we are all with Ranjitha and we trust her." (, 27 Jul 2010)

The women's national hockey team have had an ongoing protest against the support given to women's hockey and their national team by Hockey India and the government. As a senior player she acts as a spokespoerson for the team, saying that the team will continue "wearing blank armbands till we get equal recognition as the menís team. We want parity with them." And also have more financial support for the team in order for them to travel and compete on international tours. (, 22 Jan 2010)