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Sport Hockey
CGA Scotland   
Gender Women
Born 29 Jan 1982 in Glasgow, SCO
Height1.72 m
Weight 70 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence London, ENG
Occupation Surgeon
Higher education Medicine - University of Glasgow: Glasgow, SCO
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She started playing hockey at primary school
Why this sport? She followed her sister Nicky into the sport.
Club / Team Canterbury: Canterbury, ENG
Name of coach Nick Clark [club], Danny Kerry [national]
Preferred position / style / stance / technique Goalkeeper
General Interest
Injuries She has suffered a broken finger six times wile playing hockey. (wired.co.uk, 12 Oct 2010)
Awards and honours She was named Scottish Women's Player of the Year in 2007. (cgcs.org.uk, 15 Sep 2010)
Famous relatives Her sister Nicky played hockey for Scotland at U21 level. (independent.co.uk, 26 Sep 2010)
Other information OCCUPATION
In addition to her hockey career she is also a qualified surgeon. "There are massive parallels between sport and medicine. Both are very much team games. Both need self-discipline and self-motivation. You canít give everything to medicine. Thatís a quick way to alcoholism and drug addiction. So I also do hockey." (wired.co.uk, 12 Oct 2010)

She has been a goalkeeper for almost all her hockey life and believes she has her brothers to thank for her choice of position. "I think this may have come from kicking around at football with my brothers. They usually put me in goal." (independent.co.uk, 26 Sep 2010)