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Sport Hockey
CGA South Africa   
Gender Men
Born 02 May 1986 in Cape Town, SAF
Height1.81 m
Weight 84 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Amsterdam, NED
Occupation Athlete
Languages Afrikaans, English
Higher education Education, Psychology - University of Pretoria: South Africa
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He began playing at home with his family as soon as he could walk.
Why this sport? His family played the sport so it was natural for him to take it up too.
Club / Team Laren: Amsterdam, NED
Name of coach Bert Bunnik [club]; Fabian Gregory [national]
Preferred position / style / stance / technique Defence
International Debut
Year 2009
Competing for South Africa
Opponent Germany
General Interest
Nicknames Hoff (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Most influential person in career His parents. (sahockey.co.za, 2013)
Hero / Idol South African hockey player Craig Jackson. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Sporting philosophy / motto "The more you bleed in training, the less you sweat in a match." (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Famous relatives He is related to Alison du Plooy who has also played hockey for South Africa. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
He started living and playing hockey professionally in the Netherlands in 2010. (LinkedIn profile, 2014)