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Sport Swimming
CGA South Africa   
Gender Men
Born 20 Dec 1990 in Pretoria, SAF
Height1.80 m
Weight 78 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Stellenbosch, RSA
Higher education Management - University of Stellenbosch: Stellenbosch, RSA
Sport Specific Information
Club / Team Western Province: South Africa
Name of coach Pierre de Roubaix [club], Graham Hill [national]
Training Regime He swims 15km in the pool every day and goes to the gym twice a week. "I'll taper down again just before the 2012 Olympic trials but I'm currently doing about 15km in the pool a day, and then I also gym twice a week. I train anything between three and six hours a day. I do my swimming sessions in the early morning and mid-afternoon. My gym and Pilates sessions are usually in-between the swimming sessions. I train at Stellenbosch University's sport complex at Coetzenburg."
General Interest
Hobbies Reading, movies, swimming. (Speedo.co.za, 05 Mar 2012)
Hero / Idol Swimmers Grant Hackett, Kieren Perkins, Brian Goodell, Stephen Holland. (Speedo.co.za, 05 Mar 2012)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs "Before my warm-up I would generally listen to some upbeat music, trance or techno, but after my warm-up, I listen to praise and worship music to get myself calm and focused and relaxed just before my race." (Speedo.co.za, 05 Mar 2012)
Awards and honours He won the Male Swimmer of the Meet at the 2012 International Swimming Invitational, and he won the 2010 Maties [University of Stellenbosch] Sportsman of the Year award.
(iolsport.co.za, 30 Jan 2012; blogs.sun.ac.za, 21 Oct 2010)
Other information ALL-AFRICA GAMES
He withdrew from the All-Africa games in Mozambique in 2011 due to an illness. "I'm not sure what it was but I suddenly started coming out in a rash. It spread quite rapidly. The team doctor gave me medication but it didn't help at all, and the chemicals in the pool only irritated it. The doctor then said we had to treat it more aggressively and prescribed a course of steroids. Obviously with anti-doping rules, that rules me out of any competition. The funny thing is that there are not enough swimmers here in my distance to constitute a race so it doesn't look I would have swum in any case."
(roadtolondon2012.co.za, 06 Sep 2011)