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Sport Diving
CGA Malaysia   
Gender Women
Born 11 Jul 1993 in Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Height1.55 m
Human Interest
General Interest
Injuries She sustained a shoulder injury during a training session before she competed at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (Facebook page, 03 Aug 2021;, 03 Aug 2021)

She underwent shoulder surgery in October 2018 and returned to training with the national team in May 2019. (, 19 Jul 2019;, 22 Oct 2018)

Following her victory in the 3m springboard at the 2016 Grand Prix in Kuching, Malaysia, she took the remainder of 2016 off to recover from shoulder and back injuries. The back injury also forced her to miss the 2017 World Series event in Windsor, ON, Canada. (, 18 Apr 2017;, 22 Oct 2016)

She injured her left shoulder in 2014. She had to rest for a week and then treated it with acupuncture and painkillers. (, 11 Jul 2014)
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? "Initially I was a rhythmic gymnast but my talent for diving was spotted by coach Yang Zhuliang. He said my physical build was good for the sport."
General Interest
Hero / Idol Chinese diver Guo Jingjing. (, 24 Sep 2020; Athlete, 13 Aug 2018)
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She took up the sport at age 14 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Further Personal Information
Languages Cantonese, English, Malay, Mandarin
Higher education Sports Science - University of Malaya: Petaling Jaya, MAS
Occupation Athlete
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto "Just be patient, keep the consistency going and never give up." (, 03 Aug 2015)
Hobbies Pottery, reading, watching Korean television shows, charity work, painting. (Athlete, 23 Jul 2021, 13 Aug 2018)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs At competitions she does breathing exercises, and likes to give herself a pep talk in front of a mirror. (, 09 Aug 2016)
Nicknames Wendy (Athlete, 13 Aug 2018)
She considered retiring from the sport following the shoulder and back injuries she sustained in 2016. "I have faced severe injuries such as a back pain and I was at the stage of giving up. But my teammates helped me to boost my spirits, keep working hard to recover from the injury, and stay in contention to be one of the best national divers. As a professional athlete, injury is a normal thing in our careers; the more we want to avoid it, the higher the risk of an injury occurring. I went for the shoulder operation [in 2018] but it still felt painful at times. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, I had more time to recuperate and feel so much better now." (, 11 Oct 2020;, 24 Sep 2020)

In March 2018 she was suspended for eight months after testing positive for the prohibited substance sibutramine at the 2017 South East Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The suspension was backdated to August 2017, meaning she was eligible to return to competition in April 2018. (, 06 Dec 2019;, 02 Mar 2018)
Sport Specific Information
Name of coach Chan Wee Cheik [national]
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievement Qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games. (Athlete, 23 Jul 2021)
Most influential person in career Her mother. (, 10 May 2022)
Awards and honours In 2017 she was presented with the Sports Special Badge by the University of Malaya in recognition of her achievements at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (University of Malaya Facebook page, 30 Mar 2017)
Further Personal Information
Residence Kuala Lumpur, MAS
General Interest
Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (, 22 Jan 2023)