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Sport Badminton
CGA Canada   
Gender Men
Born 08 Oct 1985 in Vancouver, CAN
Height1.82 m
Weight 70 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Vancouver, BC, CAN
Occupation Athlete, Coach, Student
Languages Cantonese, English
Higher education Human Movement Studies - University of British Columbia: Vancouver, BC, CAN
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He began playing recreationally at age six with his parents.
Club / Team Calgary Winter Club: Canada
Name of coach Kim Dong Moon
General Interest
Nicknames Tobes, Tobs, Tobidoki (, 25 Jun 2012)
Hobbies Reading, playing the piano, playing video games, blogging, video editing. (, 30 Apr 2012)
Hero / Idol Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na. (, 25 Jun 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Be positive - you are responsible on things you can control, and on your reaction to things you can't." (, 25 Jun 2012)
Famous relatives His brother Derrick is also a badminton player. (, 25 Jun 2012)
Ambitions To become a health professional in physiotherapy or medicine and to become Canada's national badminton coach. (, 30 Apr 2012)