ABRAHAMS Luke < Back  
Sport Table Tennis
CGA South Africa   
Gender Male
Born 04 Jul 1988
Height1.72 m
Weight 67 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Pretoria, RSA
Occupation Student
Languages Afrikaans, English
Higher education Sports Science - University of Pretoria: Pretoria, RSA
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He began playing at 11 years of age for school sport .
Club / Team Ravens Table Tennis Club: Pretoria, RSA
Name of coach Marcus Gustafsson
Coach from which country? Sweden
General Interest
Nicknames Lukey. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Hobbies Dancing, golf and rapping. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Memorable sporting achievement Winning a medal at the All Africa Games in 2007 and being the National Champion in 2008. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Injuries He has had lower back and ankles injuries. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Sporting philosophy / motto "What does not kill you will only make you stronger". (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Awards and honours He received National Colours for Pretoria University. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).
Ambitions To represent South Africa at the Olympic Games and have a career in sports management when he retires from table tennis. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010).