STARKE Benjamin < Back  
Sport Swimming, Table Tennis
CGA Germany   
Gender Men
Born 25 Nov 1986 in Cottbus, GDR
Height1.89 m
Weight 81 kg
Human Interest
General Interest
Due to financial woes that prevented Guyana from sending judo, weightlifting or football teams to the 2010 Central American and Caribbean [CAC] Games in Puerto Rico, the country's table tennis side looked set to miss out on competing as well. However, Guyana's Commissioner of Police Henry Greene donated airline tickets to three national table tennis players, including Franklin, so they could compete at the CAC Games. “Given the circumstances of what sport is going through in Guyana, I personally think sport is being treated as a recreational activity instead of a professional job so to speak," he said on the state of funding in Guyana. (, 29 Jul 2009, 16 Jul 2010)