NEEDHAM Simon < Back  
Sport Archery
CGA Scotland   
Gender Men
Born 10 Oct 1959 in Plymouth, ENG
Height1.75 m
Weight 80 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family He has a step-son, Gherman.
Residence Montrose, SCO
Occupation Athlete, Technician, Retired
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? Age eight at his primary school, Mount House School in Tavistock, Devon, Great Britain.
Club / Team Links Archers: Montrose, SCO
Name of coach Lana Needham [wife]
Coach from which country? Great Britain
Training Regime He and his wife practice in nearby fields with their local club, Links Archers, and also shoot at home using a small target.
Handedness Right
General Interest
Nicknames Si. (FITA, 09 Nov 2007)
Hobbies Canoeing, pottery and boat building. (Athlete, 10 Aug 1999)
Memorable sporting achievement Shooting a 1310 at the Scottish Championships, 1997. "It was the first 1300+ shot in Scotland." (Athlete, 10 Aug 1999)
Most influential person in career Jay Barrs and Ed Eliason. "They show what can be done." (Athlete, 10 Aug 1999)
Hero / Idol His coach Jim Buchanan. "He always talks sense." (Athlete, 10 Aug 1999)
Injuries He suffered a minor injury to his chin when a bus carrying the British Olympic archery team crashed in the Athlete's Village in Sydney. (BBC, 12 Sep 2000)

He suffered labyrinthitis, an illness which affects the inner ear during his bid to go to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. (, 05 Jun 2008)
Awards and honours Angus Sportsperson of the Year 2007. (, 19 Feb 2008)

Set the Gents Scottish Record of 594 in 1996 at the open Portsmouth competition. (, 14 Sep 2010)
Famous relatives Wife Lana is also an international archer. His step-son, Gherman, is coach of the Scottish national archery team. (, 05 Jun 2008)
Ambitions To win at the Olympic Games, then do it again. (Athlete, 10 Aug 1999)
Other information RANKING
He was ranked first in Scotland in 1998. (Team Scotland Media Guide, 2010)

In 2006 he released a comprehensive guidebook titled 'Archery - The Art of Repetition'. The book, aimed at both beginners and more senior competitors, offers detailed advice on everything from how to get started in archery, tactics and preparation work involved in archery competitions, improving performance and the fine-tuning of equipment. He also has a film to compliment his book, 'Archery in Action'. (, 14 Sep 2010;, 16 Jan 2008)

He was a member of the Royal Marines for 22 years. ( 16 Jan 2008)

He met his wife Lana when she was coaching a Cypriot archer who was facing off against him in one of the heats at the 1999 Championships. He beat him by one but was impressed with his opponent so he asked to speak to the archer's coach. He got along very well with her and a year later, he brought Lana to the UK and they were married. (, 05 Jun 2008).