WORTH Taylor < Back  
Sport Archery
CGA Australia   
Gender Men
Born 08 Jan 1991 in Busselton, AUS
Height1.74 m
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family Wife Emily, son Benjamin [2019]
Residence Brisbane, QLD, AUS
Occupation Athlete
Languages English
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He first tried the sport at age 10 during the school holidays.
Why this sport? "I wasn't very good when I first started but it was something that I enjoyed. As soon as I tried archery, it was a real challenge compared to other sports and I found it thoroughly enjoyable."
Club / Team Queensland Academy of Sport: Australia
Name of coach Shih Ya-Ping [national], AUS
Handedness Right
General Interest
Nicknames Tails (worldarchery.org, 13 Sep 2015)
Hobbies Video games, spending time with his dog. (Instagram profile, 15 May 2019)
Most influential person in career His mother. (olympics.com.au, 12 Mar 2020)
Hero / Idol Australian cricketers Adam Gilchrist and Glenn McGrath. (olympics.com.au, 05 Mar 2012)
Injuries He sustained a shoulder injury in 2009. (ausport.gov.au, 27 Jul 2010)
Sporting philosophy / motto "Champions are made when no one is watching." (olympics.com.au, 12 Mar 2020)
Awards and honours In 2016 he was inducted into the South Queensland Archery Society Hall of Fame in Australia. (archerysqas.org.au, 30 Nov 2016)

He received the 2012 International Shooter Award from the West Australian Shooting Association. (Facebook page, 30 Jan 2020)

He was named Archer of the Year by Archery Australia in 2010. (olympics.com.au, 26 Jun 2012)
Milestones Along with Ryan Tyack and Alec Potts, he won Australia's first Olympic medal in team archery. The trio claimed bronze in team recurve at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. (SportsDeskOnline, 03 Jul 2019)
Ambitions To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (worldarchery.org, 13 Mar 2019)
Other information BEST SEASON YET
He described the 2018 season as his best ever after winning his first individual world indoor championship medal and breaking into the top 10 of the world rankings. He had to postpone his honeymoon with his wife Emily after unexpectedly securing a place at the World Cup Final in Samsun, Turkey, where he eventually placed fourth. "Looking back there are always more things I could have done but I am working with my support network to make them stronger. I've been working on a few of my bad habits and I'm looking to push through those barriers and see what else I can accomplish and see how high I can go. [The Olympic Games in] Tokyo isn't too far away now, and I think we are building a strong team to give Australia the best chance to get back on the podium." (worldarchery.org, 13 Mar 2019)

His mother Tricia Davis was in the crowd when he won a team bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. However, he says her voice stands out and can become distracting at competitions, so she is not allowed to cheer. "It's like picking a voice in a crowded room, you know your family's voice from anywhere so the plan was for her to be on the quiet side so I could focus on what I needed to do." (dailytelegraph.com.au, 07 Aug 2016)