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Sport Shooting
CGA India   
Gender Women
Born 29 Aug 1989 in Ludhiana, IND
Height1.63 m
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family Husband Ronak Pandit
Residence Mumbai, IND
Occupation Athlete, Dentist
Languages English, Hindi, Punjabi
Higher education Dentistry - Gian Sagar Medical College: Patiala, IND
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She began shooting in 2006.
Why this sport? "My uncle had a business in guns so that was how I was exposed to pistols from my childhood. It was in 2006, while I was preparing for my pre-medical entrance exams that I thought of shooting, just as a hobby. At that time it was only meant as a distraction from a hectic schedule, including hours of studying. I never thought that this is what I would eventually end up doing for the rest of my life. But when I decided to take up shooting my family supported me wholeheartedly. And the rest is history."
Club / Team Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India: India
Name of coach Ved Prakash Pilaniya [national], IND; Ronak Pandit [husband], IND
Handedness Right eye, right hand
International Debut
Year 2009
Competing for India
Tournament World Cup
Location Changwon, KOR
General Interest
Hobbies Painting, drawing. (Facebook page, 22 Mar 2018)
Memorable sporting achievement Being ranked number one in the world in April 2014. (, 24 Feb 2018)
Sporting philosophy / motto "It is very important to be consistent. You may not shoot very high scores but if your progress is steady, then it is not a problem. It should not be a one-off high followed by a lot of lows." (, 15 Apr 2014)
Awards and honours In February 2018 she was named in the India '30 Under 30' list by the Forbes Magazine. (, 05 Feb 2018)

In 2014 she was presented with the Arjuna Award by the Indian government. (, 18 Feb 2018)
Famous relatives Her husband Ronak Pandit competed in shooting for India at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Her father Rajveer, her mother Rominder Kaur and her brother Karanbir have also represented India in shooting. (bhaskar., 02 Dec 2017;, 01 Apr 2017)
Ambitions To win a medal at the Olympic Games. (Facebook page, 22 Mar 2018)
Other information SHOOTING CENTRE
She and her husband Ronak Pandit, a gold medallist at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, VIC, Australia, have set up shooting centres in Mumbai and Pune in India to promote the sport among young people. "When I started shooting in 2006, there were no coaches who understood the art and science of shooting. I learnt pistol shooting by reading articles and watching videos of elite shooters on the internet. I was fortunate to understand the basics of pistol shooting from these articles and videos, but still I had to make a lot of changes in my technique as I started competing at high levels, mostly because I did not have an experienced coach to guide me as a beginner. Because of the challenges that I faced in the formative years of my shooting career, it was always my dream to help the young talent of this country in understanding the sport of pistol shooting." (, 01 Jan 2018)