PALMER David < Back  
Sport Squash
CGA Australia   
Gender Men
Born 28 Jun 1976 in Lithgow, AUS
Height1.88 m
Weight 85 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family Wife Melinda
Residence Bermuda
Occupation Athlete
Languages English
Sport Specific Information
Name of coach Shaun Moxham
Handedness Right
General Interest
Nicknames The Lithgow Smash (, 01 Sep 2010)
Hobbies Playing golf, watching videos , reading and travelling. (ACGA, 13 May 2002)
Memorable sporting achievement Achieving the world number one ranking in September 2001 and winning the world title in 2002. (, 25 Jan 2005)
Most influential person in career Player and coach Joe Shaw. (Melbourne 2006)
Hero / Idol Australian golfer Greg Norman. (, 20 Feb 2002)
Injuries He sustained a groin injury in 2004. (Melboune 2006)

Had a slow start to 2003 after complications following the removal of his appendix in February, 2003 in Bermuda. (psa-squash, 20 Jan 2005)
Other information ONE YEAR BAN
He was suspended for one year for unruly behaviour at the December 2004 World Doubles Championships in India. He was banned by the World Squash Federation after losing his temper in a semifinal defeat. During the match he had made prolonged protests to officials to have the ball changed and racquet abuse and his refusal to leave the court directly leading to the suspension. His outburst followed similar controversial behaviour at the World Open in Qatar, when he lost his temper at what he regarded as some doubtful calls in his semifinal loss to Lee Beachill. (ABC, 25 Jan 2005)

He has been a touring professional since 1994. (Squash Player, 20 Nov 2001)