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Sport Squash
CGA Zambia   
Gender Men
Born 24 Jan 1975
Height1.70 m
Weight 70 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence United States
Sport Specific Information
Club / Team Chibuluma Squash Club: Kalulushi, ZAM
General Interest
Hobbies Likes travelling and listening to music. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Memorable sporting achievement Winning the Kenyan Open. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Famous relatives Felix Chilufya. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Hero / Idol Jahangir Khan. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Ambitions To continue teaching and promoting badminton. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Sport Specific Information
Name of coach Phillip
When and where did you begin this sport? He began in Kalulushi, Zambia in 1989.
Further Personal Information
Occupation Athlete
Languages English
General Interest
Nicknames 'Nyazi' and she acquired her nickname due to her skills. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)
Sporting philosophy / motto If you work hard, you will achieve results. (Athlete, 07 Oct 2010)