Sport Squash
CGA Sri Lanka   
Gender Men
Born 05 Jun 1982 in Colombo, SRI
Height1.58 m
Weight 48 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Colombo, SRI
Higher education Computer Science, Information Technology - Deakin University: Melbourne, VIC, AUS
General Interest
Hobbies Sports, music, movies, computers, internet, video games, travelling and reading. (, 17 Jun 2010)
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport? Both his parents were involved in the sport [his mother is a former national champion] and it was a natural progression.
General Interest
Ambitions To represent Sri Lanka at the Olympic Games and to break into the top 100 in the world. (, 17 Jun 2010)
Sport Specific Information
Training Regime He trains mostly by himself as he does not have a coach.
When and where did you begin this sport? He started squash at the age of 8.
International Debut
Year 1997
Competing for Sri Lanka
Location Chennai
Further Personal Information
Occupation Athlete, Coach
General Interest
Other information COACHING
He is a qualified Asian Squash Federation [ASF] Level 1 and Level 2 coach. He is the current national coach of Sri Lanka where he is trying to raise the profile of squash in his country. He also uses any money he earns through coaching to fund himself as he does not have a sponsor. (, 17 Jun 2010,, 17 Jun 2010)

Due to the unpopularity of squash in his native country he also played tennis and cricket when he was younger. Because of his involvement in other sports he was unavailable for selection for the Asian Junior Championships so he decided to concentrate soley on squash. (, 17 Jun 2010)