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Sport Cycling - Track
CGA Australia   
Gender Women
Born 20 Jan 1988 in Campbelltown, AUS
Height1.68 m
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Residence Adelaide, SA, AUS
Occupation Athlete
Languages English
Higher education Exercise Science - Sydney University/Australia College of Physical Education: Sydney, NSW, AUS
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She began track cycling in 2005 at age 17 in Sydney. Prior to that she had been participating in competitive athletics and triathlons.
Why this sport? She was struggling to stay motivated in athletics and was unable to crack the Australian team. Her stepfather, Ken Bates, suggested she try competing in triathlon and she found the the bike leg was her strongest asset. She was told she was built like Anna and Kerrie Meares so she decided that cycling was going to be her sport.
Club / Team St George: Hurstville, NSW, AUS
Name of coach Gary West, Gary Sutton
Coach from which country? Australia
International Debut
Year 2008
Competing for Australia
Tournament World Championships
Location Great Britain
General Interest
Nicknames Karls, K-Mac, Deedee (, 14 Mar 2012;, 27 Mar 2011; Athlete, 17 Jul 2012)
Hobbies Reading, walking her dog, playing video games, cross stitching, spending time with family and friends. (, 07 Dec 2010; Athlete, 17 Jul 2012)
Memorable sporting achievement "Making my first Australian team and winning my first rainbow jersey at the 2009 World Championship in the team sprint with Anna Meares." (, 14 Mar 2012,, 27 Mar 2011)
Most influential person in career "Anna Meares, for always pushing me and helping me to be the best I can at any given moment." (Athlete, 17 Jul 2012)
Hero / Idol Her mother, and fellow Australian cyclists Anna and Kerrie Meares. (, 14 Mar 2012;, 06 Feb 2012)
Injuries She fractured her wrist in 2010. (Athlete, 17 Jul 2012)

She had a major crash in 2009 and was left with left hip and gluteus muscle issues, along with an ongoing knee problem. It took her eight months to get over most of it. (Athlete, 17 Jul 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto "The power of now. The only moment that counts is the moment that you are in." (Athlete, 17 Jul 2012)
Awards and honours In 2011 she, along with teammate Anna Meares, won the Australian Institute of Sport's Team of the year award. (, 10 Nov 2011;, 10 Nov 2011)

In 2010 she was named Cycling New South Wales' Female Cyclist of the Year. (, 06 May 2011;, 27 Mar 2011)

In 2010 she won the New South Wales Institute of Sport Team Athlete of the Year award. (, 31 Oct 2011)

She received the Pierre De Coubetin award for fair play in 2005. (, Jun 2005)
Other sports She was a middle distance runner before cycling and won three Australian titles in athletics. (, 28 Mar 2011)
Famous relatives Her younger brother Jack is also a track cyclist. In 2012 he won gold in U19 Madison at the Australian National Track Cycling Championships in Adelaide. (, 31 Jan 2012;, 06 Feb 2012)
Other information CHANGE OF HEART
Having started her career in athletics, she was adamant that track cycling was "lame" after it was suggested that she give it a go. However, after two laps of riding around Hurstville Oval she decided that track cycling was going to be her life and focus. (, 28 Mar 2011)

She is an advocate of young elite athletes having interests and activities to pursue outside of their sport. She claims her outlet is her studies at university. "I'm a big believer in having an interest outside the life of cycling as it gives me an outlet from the high pressure and sometimes stressful lifestyle I lead as an elite athlete. You don't know what's going to happen in your career, I didn't know if I was going to make it [as an elite athlete]. I had to have something to fall back on and even now as an elite athlete who is in the Australian Institute of Sport program I'm still doing my uni because it's a healthy distraction for me. You have to have something else to balance your life." (, 27 Mar 2011;, 06 Feb 2011)