RICH Hannah < Back  
Sport Cycling - Track
CGA Wales   
Gender Female
Born 03 Jan 1991
Height1.76 m
Weight 56 kg
Human Interest
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She has been involved in the sport since 2005.
Why this sport? She was involved in trampolining but liked the look of track riding.
Club / Team Horizon Fitness:
General Interest
Hobbies Shopping, going to the cinema, meeting up with friends. (, 17 Sep 2010)
Hero / Idol Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Steven Burke. (, 17 Sep 2010)
Injuries She had troubles with calf tendon in July 2010. (, 07 Jul 2010)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs "Have fun and try your best. Train when you want to, and not because someone has told you." (, 17 Sep 2010)
Ambitions "I would love to have a career in cycling, and do well at the Commonwealth Games this year." (, 17 Sep 2010)