BREMNER Kyla < Back  
Sport Wrestling - Freestyle
CGA Australia   
Gender Women
Born 28 Jan 1977 in Powell River, CAN
Height1.58 m
Weight 55 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Occupation Doctor
Languages English
Higher education Humanities;Medicine;Science - University of Sydney: Sydney, NSW, AUS
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? Started wrestling in 1994 at the Simon Fraser University [SFU] in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. “I was going to university in Canada when an international wrestling tour visited and I went to watch a friend who was participating,” she said. “They were looking to start up a women's team and watching it just fascinated me, so I decided to have a go myself. It progressed from there.”
Why this sport? It's a weight class sport so being small isn't a disadvantage since we compete against people the same size. I loved the physicality of wrestling. It's a sport that requires total physical fitness and total mental focus, and I liked that intensity.
Club / Team Sydney University Wrestling Club: Sydney, NSW, AUS
Name of coach Leonid Zaslavsky, Sam Feigelsen
Training Regime Weights/strength training 3x per week, Cardio/circuit training 3x per week, On-the-mat technique or sparring 5x per week.
Handedness Right
International Debut
Year 2001
Competing for Australia
Tournament East Asian Games
Location Japan
General Interest
Hobbies Rock climbing, hiking, reading, cooking. (Athlete, 19 June 2008
Memorable sporting achievement Winning the Australian Nationals and going to the World Championships for the first time. Winning the 2008 Oceania Championships and qualifying for the Beijing Olympic Games. Winning the 2008 Sassari International Tournament in Italy. (Athlete, 19 June 2008)
Most influential person in career Her parents. Coaches Mike Jones, Leonid Zaslavsky, Sam Feigelsen. (Athlete, 19 June 2008)
Hero / Idol Martina Navratilova. (NOC, 13 June 2008)
Injuries Right ankle sprain with rupture of lateral ligaments. (Athlete, 19 June 2008)
Other information OLYMPIC VOLUNTEER
She moved to Australia in 1996 and worked as a volunteer at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. (, 06 March 2008)

She was born and raised in Powell River, Canada and spent a year in Australia with her family as a seven-year-old. She graduated from high school and went to SFU in Burnaby in 1994. After two years of study at SFU and her discovery of wrestling, she moved to Australia in 1996. She received her pass bachelor degrees at the Australian National University in Canberra in 1998-9, and moved to Sydney in 2000 where she enrolled at The University of Sydney and subsequently completed honours in English Literature and then Biochemistry, and an MBBS [Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery] with honours. (Athlete, 19 June 2008)