BROWN Kyle Gie < Back  
Sport Rugby Sevens
CGA South Africa   
Gender Men
Born 06 Feb 1987 in Cape Town, SAF
Height1.82 m
Weight 94 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Family Wife Tarryn
Residence Stellenbosch, RSA
Occupation Athlete
Languages Afrikaans, English
Higher education Finance - University of Cape Town: South Africa
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? He first played rugby in primary school, but did not take up sevens until around 2008.
Why this sport? He did not initially enjoy rugby and began playing hockey instead, but was persuaded to give rugby another try by a friend.
Name of coach Neil Powell [national], RSA
International Debut
Year 2008
Competing for South Africa
Location Dubai, UAE
General Interest
Nicknames Scully (Facebook profile, 08 Oct 2013)
Hobbies Gadgets, video games, music, exploring, the beach, photography, family, braais, trail running, reading. (Facebook page, 25 May 2016)
Hero / Idol Australia rugby union player George Smith. (, 04 Mar 2016)
Injuries He suffered a chest injury during the Vancouver leg of the 2015/16 World Series in March 2016. He developed pneumothorax, air between his chest wall and his lungs. He was admitted to hospital and remained overnight for observation. ( 15 Mar 2016)

He broke his ankle during a match against England at the Dubai leg of the 2012/13 World Series in November 2012. (, 01 Dec 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto "I'll step any man, any day of the week." (, 2010)

"We spend so much time together on the road and in each other's faces representing the Blitzboks on the World Sevens circuit, the ability to work effectively in a group setting is paramount." (, 04 Mar 2016)
Awards and honours He captained South Africa at the 2013 World Cup in Moscow, Russian Federation. (, 20 Jun 2013)

He was named South Africa's Sevens Player of the Year in 2010. (Facebook page, 25 May 2016)
Other sports He played representative rugby union up to U21 level. (, 29 May 2010)
Ambitions To achieve as much as possible with the South Africa sevens team. (, 10 Oct 2012)
Other information BROTHERS
He has previously captained South Africa and calls the sevens team a 'Band of Brothers' that has driven his own development as a player. "For me, it is about looking back years from now and saying, 'I was part of that set-up, we won that medal or we narrowly missed out in that tournament, but what a fight it was'. We go through so much together as a group, we have truly become a band of brothers. I believe that the person and player I have developed into today is because of all the positive, supportive people surrounding me." (, 04 Mar 2016)

He received an initial six-match ban for making contact with the eyes or eye area of an opponent against Scotland at the 2013 World Cup in Moscow, Russian Federation. The suspension was reduced to two matches following an appeal. (, 30 Jun 2013)